On Losing My Wallet

I walk to the kitchen to reorganize
My purse after a long trip
And find it open.
As I reach in to put the cell charger in place
I notice extra space.
No wallet.

Down the stairs to the basement
Quickly to the garage to check the car.
No wallet.

Back up the stairs to the living room
Where I’ve left my carry on.
I root through the pockets quickly but
No wallet

Back to the kitchen to agonize over choices
No sense calling the airport at midnight.
Should I call the credit card companies?
I go up to the bedroom thinking about the hassle of
No wallet

I brush my teeth, thinking about the moment of loss.
Logic sends me downstairs to empty the carry on
Where I’d put the purse before boarding and taken it out.
I remove scarf, power splitter, snacks, and in the bottom
The wallet


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