Twenty minutes

Every day I cross that bridge at sunrise
Or sometimes later when the alarm is too early
and I am not yet ready to leave the beauty of my last dream
And sometimes earlier when the earth tilts outward
as her orbit takes her closer to the sun.

Every day I watch the sky as I descend the hill
Excited by sun-sparked colors, grey cloud swirls, or blue sky
Imagining reflections, fearing the moment has passed.

Every day I climb the ramp, distracted driver
seeking a glimpse of water
Smooth to reflect the sky, disturbed by wind or churned by barges
Craning to catch a magic moment or crestfallen
when no magic appears.

I do not stop every day to find the place between two bridges
The downstream bridge I cross, the upstream bridge I observe.
But sometimes sun kisses water and bridge and sky and I am there.


5 thoughts on “Twenty minutes”

  1. I think it’s a very beautiful poem, I see potential in your writing. However, on the first stanza the last two lines seem a bit off. They confused me a little bit. I had to re read the first stanza to understand and recreate the image in my mind. But it’s great overall for 20 minutes! ^-^ keep on writing


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