Lament for AJ (A True Story)

Dear AJ! I miss your jarring call
Of “HEALP! HEALP!”, as if you were in thrall
To a fox endangering your brood.

I still lament the morning when I woke
To hear a “WHUMP!” outside the cabin door,
And then a silence and yet “WHUMP!” again.

I pushed the curtain back, peered through the pane
To see you stalking ’round my minivan
Suspicious of the rival you perceived.

You halted, froze that rival with your glare
Then backed away, raised up, and beat your wings
Propelling claws ahead to rip and tear.

Bearing the brunt of your attack
My car door groaned as claws scratched paint.
A trail of blood streaked redly ‘cross the door.

An adjuster called to hear the claim
That a peacock had caused damage to my car,
Looked closely, said “That’s BLOOD!”, and paid the bill.

Most swoon at peacock tails, and snap their shots,
But I recall a special, brilliant bird
Whose antics still bring laughter to my friends.


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